ADC Stethoscope Reviews

ADC Stethoscope Reviews






What We Like

  • ​Perfect fit and finish
  • ​Excellent quality
  • ​Quite affordable
  • ​Longer than other stethoscopes
  • ​Variety of sizes in-ear tips

What We Don't Like

  • ​Not comfortable earpieces
  • ​ID tag might fall apart
  • ​Not suitable to wear for a longer duration
  • ​Not ideal for slightest sounds

Are you thinking of buying a good stethoscope? A stethoscope is a significant tool used to check someone’s health whether you are a doctor, nurse, medical student or any person who knows how to use this. It is a basic need to evaluate health, and as it is a valuable tool whose quality and features can’t be compromised.

There are numerous stethoscopes available in the market, and it is always confusing which one to buy. The main features to look out to buy a stethoscope, is also a matter of confusion. Few things to be kept in mind for buying a stethoscope are that, it ought to be – lightweight, the length of the tube should neither be short nor long, premium quality diaphragms, the rim provided should not be cold and one of the most important things, it should be pocket-friendly and worth buying for.

After the evaluation of a lot of stethoscopes, ADC Ad scope 603 with AFD technology has been considered as the best stethoscopes available, this has all the features that should be there in a good stethoscope. In this article, we will provide you with an ADC stethoscope review.

It gives excellent performance and lasts for a more extended period. It comes with additional ear tips. It has a sensitive diaphragm for higher frequency transmission and gives low frequency with its large bell.

Who is this Product for?

This stethoscope is for anyone who is in the medical domain like medical students, doctors, and nurses.

What’s Included?

This packet only includes the stethoscope.

Overview of Features

ADC Stethoscope Review

ADC 603 accompanies a couple of hard and delicate ear protect, a spare diaphragm, and an ID tag. As for the extent of sound quality, it’s a great deal like what you would anticipate. The tubing is thick enough to shut out noises. The overall build quality of the stethoscope is excellent and ensures that the stethoscope lasts for a longer time.

The chest-piece of the Ad scope 603 stethoscope is extensively heavier than the weight you’d feel with a Littmann II, which implies that it can and most likely will, slide off your neck with time. While the acoustics of the stethoscope is good and ensures to hear the sounds clearly, the slightest of sounds escape from being detected.

The Ad scope 603 stethoscope likewise accompanies an ID tag, which is a two-piece hard plastic that sits at the bifurcation point. It is not that durable, yet, of course, it doesn’t impact the device working, and hence it can be ignored.

How to use ADC Stethoscope

  • Use it in a peaceful and warm room.
  • Put the stethoscope son the chest or back.
  • The patient is in the prostate, sitting or left side along the supine positions is the best option.
  • Asking the patient to exhale and inhale will help to hear sounds distinctively.
  • This Stethoscope has a diaphragm and the bell that aids in clear hearing.


If you are not getting good results with ADC, you can also try MDF, MDF has all the features like it is lightweight and the length of the tube is neither short nor long and gives a premium quality diaphragms Thee rim provided is not chill. For security, phthalate free delicate Silicone Comfort Seal- ear tips are utilized. To seal out the encompassing commotion and for high-quality sound transmission, the design is made of denser, thicker and latex free PVC. MDF stethoscope has more extended than the average length to give an agreeable space between the patient and Health proficient.

Final Verdict

In ADC stethoscope reviews, its features and its pros and cons have been explained. So, depending on your needs and pocket you can decide whether to buy this or not. Along with its amazing features like AFD technology and ability to detect all kind of sounds, the no chill feature, lifetime warranty, ID tag, extra ear pieces, and it’s affordable price makes this product worth buying for. It certainly does have an edge over other stethoscopes as far as durability is concerned.

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